The Sand Collection was inspired in the colors of the beach, the white and blue from the sky and
the golden touch from the sand. The geometric characteristics of this collection line are the bridge
between the organic elements of the sea and the straight and fine lines of men construction.



The Urban Collection was created to fulfill a gap in the big city life.
A relaxing safe haven is a plus, especially with the increasing urbanization, places are becoming more and more reduced.
In a crowded city, an exquisite selection of furniture in a smallspace will easily bring style,
allowing you to slow down and enjoy your daily routine.



In the clarity of form with a simple design, through the most advanced manufacturing processes was born the Acqua collection.
Developed with high quality aluminum profiles that ensure the quality and durability of each product.
The collection presents, in the process of construction of the spaces that are proposed, a modular development through its pieces adapting
to the most varied outdoor spaces. The ideal of the Acqua collection is to combine perfectly with any environment.



The Gardens of Babylon collection is inspired by the mythical legend of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
Designed by Inês Félix, the collection conveys the colors and shapes, of a fantastic lost wonder,
but remembered and appreciated in the present times.
In this collection everything is thought to detail from the fabrics to the lines of the products that intend to send our
imagination to distant millennium, thus making this fantastic legend once more a reality.